Glenwood Falls Animal Hospital is capable of handling many things, from
your small animal companion's most basic needs to more comprehensive
care. Below is a list of most of the services we provide in house.

SURGERY: A completely equipped, state-of-the-art surgery suite is available. We haveisoflurane gas anesthesia and monitor patients closely during all procedures. After surgery and recovery, in most cases your pet will be released the same day. A doctor or technician will call with the status of your pet and make arrangements for pick-up.

DENTISTRY: A good dental program is essential to your pet's overall health. We provide routine scaling and polishing, digital radiographs,extractions and basic periodontal care.

COLD LASER THERAPY: A medical treatment that is used to treat pain and swelling and to speed up the healing in muscles, tendons, skin and other soft tissues.  It also helps to reduce the amount of bacteria in affected areas.  Common conditions that the cold therapy laser is used to treat include arthritis, muscular injuries, tendonitis, post-surgery sites, lesions from excessive licking and open wounds.  

RADIOLOGY: Full-body and dental x-rays are performed with a state of the art digital radiograph machine. This enables us to send or copy the radiographs easily for referral purposes if needed. We also have an ultrasound machine in-house for use on our patients. For special services, such as a MRI, CT scan or endoscope, we will refer your pet to a veterinary specialist in that field.

LABORATORY: Many tests can be done in our own lab so that your pet may be diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible. Tests which cannot be performed in-house or those that are non-emergency are sent to an outside laboratory.

IN-HOUSE PHARMACY: Our complete in-hospital pharmacy offers most of the medication, flea, tick and heartworm control your pet may need. Medication refills may be called in advance so we may have them ready for you when you come in.

ONLINE PHARMACY: Our pharmacy gives our clients a chance to order the preventatives, medications and food that they need for their pets and have them delivered right to their door.  All products that are sold are on pharmacy are guaranteed and backed by the manufacturers.Our Online Pharmacy will ship most products and medications right to your door step.

IN-PATIENT CARE: We will admit your pet if hospitalization is necessary. Our veterinary assistants and registered technicians are trained to give your pet top quality love and care. We believe pets are more comfortable and recover more quickly at home. Therefore, they are only kept at the hospital overnight if absolutely necessary.

VETERINARY DIETS: We carry Purina Brand Veterinary Diets for your pet’s dietary needs as well as Royal Canin/IVD Brand Diets for pets with allergies and special dietary needs.

EARLY DROP OFFS: For your convenience, we offer drop offs as early as 7:00 a.m. Monday through Friday.  Under special circumstances we allow drop offs the night before a procedure is done.  We understand that your time is valuable and we try to accommodate most schedules if we can.

GROOMING: Whether it’s a bath or a complete hair cut that your dog needs, our experienced grooming staff can turn any pet into a perfect ten.  

REFERRAL NETWORK: If your pet needs the care of a veterinary specialist, Glenwood Falls Animal Hospital is part of a strong referral network in the Houston area.  For your convenience, at times we can invite a specialist to Glenwood Falls Animal Hospital for consultation.

VET PORTALS: Customizable pet portals allow our clients access to the pets vaccination records as well as a history of their medicine and food purchase.  A Pet portal allows you to communicate to our hospital via email, and text (limited access).  You can ask questions, request appointments or refills and receive reminder for your pet’s vaccinations and procedures.  Also, occasionally information is sent to our clients via email communicating current specials, medical alerts, preventative information and rebate information.

OBEDIENCE CLASSES: Classes are a series of four (4), forty-five (45) minute long classes held on consecutive Saturdays until completion. Classes are held on our property and teach basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, come and heel as well as attention commands and socialization skills. The next class will be forming soon. Please call for more information. To register for the next class, for more information, or to download the forms for our obedience classes, visit this link or call us at (281) 320-9339. 

CARE CREDIT: The CareCredit healthcare credit card helps you manage those expenses that pop up at unexpected times. Once you have CareCredit, you can use it as often as you want, without reapplying, as long as you have available credit. Payments plans may include No Interested Payment Options within 6 months or a fixed APR allowing you to payout treatments over 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.


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